Ancient Working German Camera

Jaipur, India

A combination of nostalgia and boredom with a lingering sense of guilt over not posting the rest of my round-the-world travels has led me back to my January 2015 travels in Jaipur, India, where I left off.

Jaipur and it’s vibrant, bustling craftsmen mingle with all that makes India great and terrible: pollution, smiles, lies, love, odor cornucopia, and a sense of grander purpose. Inexplicably, it all mixes into a chaotic tapestry of greatness that marks your soul with a sense of yearning to experience it’s terrible splendor another time. Lindsay, a fellow travel buddy, and I wandered the streets and palaces of Jaipur in search of photos and textiles. At one point we stumbled across a man taking pictures with an 1800s era German camera and couldn’t resist the visceral experience of having our photo taken, complete with developing room and chemicals. Only in India!

Your now semi-nomad,


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